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This module displays a list of who is online viewing the portal and shows which page they are viewing.  You can see a sample on the Home page of this website.

This module was written by Scott McCulloch.   You can obtain a copy of the DNN3 version of this module by subscribing to his website at   He has a number of modules, containers, and skins, all of which are available for the subscription price of $35 US for a year.    This includes both the source code and compiled private assembly needed for installation.

Note:  For this module to function properly, the 'Disable Users Online?' checkbox must be unchecked on the Host Settings page.  See below for details.

1.  Download the private assembly zip file and put it in a folder where you can locate it later.  I always put these files in a folder named Program Downloads so I can find them easily.  The name of the file is


2.  Log on to your portal as host.   You must have host permissions to add modules unless special permisson has been granted to another login.





3.  Hover over the Host menu link then select Module Definitions from the submenu.



4.  Hover over the left arrow on the title and select Add New Module from the menu.



5.  Browse to the location of the private assembly zip file you downloaded. 





6.  Click 'Add' to add the file to the upload dialog box.


7.  Click 'Upload New File' to initiate the installation process and install the module.


8.  Inspect the installation log for indications of errors or problems.



9.  Click 'Return' to go back to the Module Definition page.  You should now see the module on the list of installed modules.



10.  The module will now appear on the dropdown list of modules under the name of 'DnnForge -Where Are They' on the administration tool bar.


11.  To add the module, select it from the list, select the pane and location and click 'Add' to install an instance of the module.



12,   The module will appear in the specified pane.


13.  Configure the module by hovring over the left arrow in the title and selecting Settings.


14.  Make any desired changes to the title or settings, then click 'Update'.



15.  Select 'View Options' to modify other settings for the module.


16.  Make any changes then click 'Update' to save the changes.



17.  Check to see if the module is displaying the users online.     If the module is functioning correctly you should see your login displayed.


If the module is not displaying the users online, make sure that the 'Disable Users Online?' checkbox on the Host Settings page is unchecked.   For instructions on how to set the Host Settings, see the end of the Users Online tutorial on the Users Online page.





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