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Users Online is the module that tells how many registered users there are, how many are online and who the most recent user to register was.    You can see it in action on the Home page of this portal.

The code for this module is included in the free DNN core download, but it is not installed during the default installation.    The private assembly (PA) zip file for the module is found in the root/DesktopModules/UsersOnline folder in the default installation.  If you have a local installation of DNN3, find that file before you start.

Note:  For the Users Online module to function, you must  uncheck the 'Disable Users Online?' box under Host, Host Settings, Advanced Settings, Other Settings to enable this module.   This can be done before or after installation.  See below for details.

1. Log on to your portal as host.  You must have host permissions to install modules unless another login has been specifically granted such permissions.

2.  Hover over Host on the menu and select Module Definitions from the submenu.


2.  From the Module Definitions menu, select Upload New Module.


3.  Browse to the file in the root/DesktopModules/UsersOnline folder of a local DNN installation. 



4.  Highlight the file and select 'Open'.


4.  Add the file to the upload dialog box.


5.  Click 'Upload New File'.   Clicking on Upload the file will initiate the installation process.


6.  Examine the installation dialogue for any error messages.


7.  If installation is successful, click Return.



8.  Users Online will now be listed in the module list on the Module Definition page.


9.  UsersOnline will now appear in the dropdown list of modules.



10. To add the module, select UsersOnline from the dropdown list, select the desired pane and location in the pane, and click 'Add'.


11.  The module will appear in the selected pane and location.


12.  To edit the module settings, hover over the left arrow in the title and select 'Settings' .


13.  Change the name of the module as desired.  Expand the 'UsersOnline Settings'  to modify other settings.


14.  After making mdifications, click 'Update' to save your changes.



Enabling Users Online

Users Online must be enabled in the Host Settings  for this module to function, or you will see the module, but it won't count or track users.



1.  Hover over Host, select Host Settings from the submenu.


2.  Expand Advanced Settings, then Other Settings.



3.  Under Other Settings, uncheck the 'Users Online disabled?' box.   Click Update to save your change.


4.  The Users Online module will now function.   You  may need to log off and back on to see any change in the count and login information.


Note:   You must also enable this function for Scott McCullough's Where Are They? module to function.




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