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The SpohnSoftware Tab Counter is a module which will count and display page views on the page where it's intstalled.    This tutorial documents how I installed the counter in the left pane on this tab.

There are several options which can be used with this module, including one which will send an email to a specified address whenever a particular milestone in the counts is reached.

This module can be purchased from Snowcovered  for $8.95.

1,   Download the file and save it in a folder where you can find it later.  I alwasy put thees files in a folder called Program Downloads so I can easily locate them.



2.   Unzip the file in a temporary folder.   I unzipped it in a folder named tabpage counter.   Locate the private assembly file for DNN3 names  This is the file you will use for installation.   The other file, is used to embed the counter in a skin.  You can upload and install it just as you do with the   This tutorial won't talk about the use of that file.  Maybe another time.



3.  Hover over the 'Host' menu item  the select 'Module Definitions' from the sub menu. 


4.  Click on 'Upload New Module'.



5.  Click 'Browse' to locate the file to install.



6.  Browse to the file, click 'Open' to add the file to the dialog box.



7. Click 'Add' to upload the file to the upload dialog box.



8.  Click 'Upload' to intiate the installion and upload the file.



9.  Examine the log file for errors.



10.  If there are no errors, click 'Return'.



11.  You will now see the module in the list of module on the Module Definition page.



12.   The SpohnSoftware - TabCounter will now appear on the dropdown list of modules.



13.   To add the module to a page, select the module from the dropdown list, select the pane and location, then click 'Add'.



14.  The module will appear in the specified location.   You can change the title and container from the Settings menu.



15.  To select the custom setting for the module, click on Counter Settings.



16.  If you do not want to change the settings, leave the Track Counter unchecked and click 'Return.'



17.  To modify the settings, check the Track Counter box.  Within a few seconds, this will bring up an addtional set of dialog boxed where you can modify additional features.

You can specify if you want an email sent with a particular message whenever the counter increments by a specified amount.   The are some 'markers' which you can put in your email which will fill in the actual numbers when the message is sent.



18.  The default 'increment' for responding is '1'..... but unless you want an email everytime someone views the page, you might want to change that.  I set it to 100 in this example.  

Select whether you want the counter to show in a module, skin, both or neither.   In this example, the counter is showed in a module. 



19.  If desired, add text and/or markers to be displayed with the module on the page.   In this case, I added text which included the [CTR] marker which will display the count number in the text.  For these additions to take effect, you must click 'Update Tab'




20.   After update, a message confirming that the settings were updated is displayedClick Return. 



21.  That's it.  The module is installed and will display the numbers in the format you selected and send you an email if that feature was configured whenever the increment is reached..




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