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   How to install a custom module in DNN3 Minimize

There are many custom modules available for use wtih DNN3.   Installation is simple, if you you know the drill.  

In this tutorial, I'm installing the custom module, Orizonti Media Gallery 1.73, but the method used for this demonstration works with most modules that are supplied as Private Assemblies (PA).   The PAs are the compiled code for the module.   Many modules you purchase have both a compiled PA and source code, but all you need to install the modules is the PA.   The source code is provided in case you want to modify the module.  If you modify the source code of the module, you have to recompile the module to create an updated PA.  This can be done with something like Visual Studio.

You can buy the Media Gallery module from for $29.99.

1.  Download the module (usually a zip file) that you want to install and save the file in a place where you can find it.  I always put these files in a folder called Program Downloads so I can easily find them.

The zip file may contain readme files, PAs, souce code or more.   You can see the files in the zip if you hover over the name of the file.  The files will appear in the yellow box.   Make sure the PA that is made for the DNN version you are using is in the downloaded file.    This particular module comes with PAs for both DNN2 and DNN3.  I'm going to install the DNN3 version. 

[Note:  I've found that DNN2 modules may INSTALL on DNN3, but they usually don't WORK on DNN3.  If you have a DNN2 module, you might try and contact the author and see if there's a DNN3 version available]  


2.  Double click on the downloaded file to unzip it in a temporary folder.  In this case, I unzipped things in a folder called Media Gallery.    Remember the location because this is where you will come get the PA to install.



3.  Open your broweser and browse to your portal (in this case I'm installing the module on



4.  Log on with the  host account.    By default, only the host account can install new modules unless special permissions have been granted to other logins.





5.   Hover over Host on the menu bar to dropdown the submenu.   Click on Module Definitions.  (Note:  In DNN2, modules are installed from the File Manager, not Module Definitions.)



6.  Select Upload New Modules from the Module Definitions menu.


7.  Browse to the location of the zip PA file.  (This will be the temp folder where you unzipped the downloaded module file in 2. above.)


8.  Select the appropriate PA module file.  In this case we are installing the DNN3 version of Orizanti Media Gallery 1.73.


9.  Add the selected file to the upload dialog box.


10.  Upload the module PA file.  The act of uploading will automatically trigger DNN3 to 'install' the module and put all the files in the correct locations.  


11.     Review the installation dialog for any errors.    Errors usually appear in red text.


12.  If there are no problems noted, click Return.


13.  You should now see the module (in this case Orizonti Media Gallery) on the list of installed modules on the Module Definition page.


14.  You will now see the module you just installed on the dropdown list of modules available for installation (in this case, Orizonti MediaGallery).   



15.  You can add the module by selecting it from the list and adding it to the desired pane.


16.   You should now see an instance of the module in the desired pane.  

You may have to change permissions to allow all users to see the module. In this case, the default permissions  for the page were set to be visible by administrators only.  In addition, Media Gallery has to be configured after adding it to a page. (see tutorial to appear on this site).

' mediagallery31.gif

So far, the DNN3 modules I've installed have all followed this procedure.   In case there are exceptions, it's a good idea to review any 'readme'  or 'install' files included in the original zip for additional instructions.



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