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Visitor : How To Add A Module
Visitor : How To Add A Module
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The Site Visitor counter above is written by DotNetJedi and counts visitors to the site.   You can select from a lot of different image number sets.   You can buy the module from for $14.95.

The Site Views counter below is DNN Tab Counter from Spohn Software.  It counts page views.  It can be programmed to email you when a certain number of views have been made on a page.  You can buy it from  for $ 8.95.   I haven't been able to figure out how to reset this counter (short of deleting the module).


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This page has been viewed 4326 times since May 24, 2005.

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DNN 3.1 was just released late in June.    You can download it for free at

There are some differences you'll encounter bewteen DNN 3.0.12/13 and DNN 3.1.  

The first thing you'll notice is there is no web.config file in the root folder when you unzip the files.   Instead, there are two files named development.config and release.config.   These are versions of web.config,  and for your portal to work, you will have to modify the connection string in one of them and save it as web.config.   If you're working in a development environment, modify development.config   with your local connection string and save it as web.config.  

Usersline module is now installed by default.   You don't have to use the install procedure described under the Modules tab on this site.

Some custom modules that work with DNN 3.0.12/13  may not work with DNN 3.1.   It appears that of the modules discussed on this site, that DotNetJedi counter, Spohn'software-Tabcounter, Orizonti NukeNews, DnnForge Where are they, and DnnForge Quotes modules work.    DnnForge Quotes doesn't  display the title properly on the admin page, but the rest seems to work.  Orzonti Media Gallery 1.73 did not work on a test DNN3.1 installation.   When I tried to configure the gallery I got an error.   You may want to test custom modules before upgrading a production site.

*** I tried an upgrade on an existing DNN 3.0.13 portal on my dev  machine and things crashed.   That may be related to custom modules, not the portal itself. 

***Remember that the documentation, such as it is, is found in the Documentation folder under the root.  There is a readme.txt file there with useful information about some of the change.



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How to add a custom module to DNN3
The procedure for adding custom modules to DNN3 is slightly different than adding them to DNN2.   Here's a very basic step-by-step tutorial of how to add a custom module provided as a private assembly (PA) to DNN3.

Add Users Online module to your DNN3 portal
Users Online is included in the basic portal download, but it does not install by default.  You have to install the module manually, and you have to enable the functionality in Host Settings.

Add Where Are They? module to your DNN3 portal
Where Are They? is a Scott McCulloch module which can be obtained from his website by subscription.  This module tracks the location of users on your website and requires you to make certain changes to default settings in Host Settings.

How to initially configure Orizonti Media Gallery  
There are two steps that you must do before you can upload and display pictures in Orizonti Media Gallery 1.73. 

Install DotNetJedi Counter
Add a visitor counter to your portal.  This counter counts visitors, not page views, so it tells you how many different people came to your site.

Install SpohnSoftware Tab Counter
Want to know how many times a particular tab was viewed?  Want to have an email sent to you every time 10, or 100 people have viewed the tab?  This module will do it.

Want to add a 'Quote for the Day' with rotating content?
DNNForge - Quote is another Scott McColloch module that will allow you to add a quote and author, and have it randomly (?) change the display each time the page is viewed.

Want to give your child portal a full domain name?
Add a new HTTP alias to a child portal to address the child by a full domain name like instead of


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DuhNetNuke3 is finally getting geared up.  All absolute beginner's to DotNetNuke are welcome here. 

It is assumed that you already have Internet Information Server (IIS) and SQL installed on your computer.   I have also installed almost exclusively on a Windows 2000 OS.   Through feedback from users, I'm learning that there are differences between W2K and XP.   If you identify any differences, please let me know. 

I am struggling to build some skins for several new sites, and writing instructions as I go.  If you're like me, 'skins' are still a major challenge.    Pray for a breakthrough.

Come visit again.


This site went live in May, 2005.

Sponsored by Virtual North Woods, LLC..


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I'm starting a troubleshooting page for 'registered users' if you'd care to sign in.  I don't sell, give away or do anything with your personal information, I'm just curious to see where you're from.


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Expect source code when you purchase DotNetNuke modules!   Keep the community open.  Don't buy PA only modules.


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